Matrix is seeing significant uptake in Ukraine 🇺🇦, as covered by on Thursday: Huge kudos to for providing local deployments to allow secure comms even if connectivity to the wider internet is disrupted.

@matrix How does this work technically? As i understand it, Matrix relies on DNS, the SSL CA system and IP routing over a large network (e.g. the internet). So how will using/operating Matrix infrastructure look like in an off-grid scenario?

@matrix @guenther I think what they're saying is that even if you get cut off from the rest of Internet, as long as you can reach your own homeserver, you can talk to anyone else who can also reach your homeserver (either directly, or indirectly via their homeserver). So even if Ukraine's (or, say, Kyiv's) Internet gets cut off from the rest of the world, people in Kyiv can talk to each other via a homeserver hosted in Kyiv, as long as they have enough of the stack to still be able to reach it. Unlike some other solutions where, if you can't talk to their central server (or set of servers), you're out of luck.

@hubert @matrix @guenther You could run into problems eventually if the homeserver can no longer refresh the TLS certificate though. And that's assuming you're still able to look up the homeserver's domain name.

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